Tom Court has made a name for himself since Kiteboarding came about.

 His longstanding passion for travel and adventure was instilled from a 'family' foundation at a young age, encouraging him to take chances on his own capabilities.

 A natural talent for capturing action sports from behind the lens was something that his first sponsors acknowledged. Throughout his career, he has been encouraged to nurture his visions and develop his 'ahead of the game' media strategies, delivered via Ripslix.

High profile clients such as Renault, Red Bull, North Kiteboarding and Phillips Electronics makes Toms' Multi-3D-Media company Ripslix not only a consultancy and 'testing the market' platform, but Ripslix has also become one of the most trusted and influential media content producers for bridging the gap between kiteboarding 'in industry' and mainstream audiences.

The result of taking a chance on his beliefs and growing Ripslix organically, has seen Tom team up with some of the industries most prolipherant media channels, content producers and extensive distribution networks ensuring that his output receives the reward it deserves.

Welcome and RIPSLIX looks forward to hearing from you.