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Triple-S 2014 and Kiteboarding contests

I am traveling for more and more varied reasons these days, only a few years ago it seems, I was seriously focused on competition and the PKRA world tour, however since completing my last full world tour campaign in 2010 I have been focused on different things. Competition is still at the core of what I do as a kiter, however the time to make it to these events has been getting harder and harder to find. Here is a clip from some behind the scenes action leading up to the Triple-S invitational event out in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina in the USA. Placing 3rd at this contest along with Aaron Hadlow and Sam Light in the Kicker event was definitely a highlight of my year!!

Something a little different – Local Business

Spending a bit of time developing my range of video production over the last few months, with the purchase of a new drone to add to the Ripslix family and combining that with the Sony FS700 for some crisp visuals, it doesn’t only lend itself to action sports videos. Working with some local businesses on the Isle Of Wight and abroad to bring a new spin and some interesting angles to a video for your and your business. Here is a little clip we have recently made for Tapnell Farm on the Isle of Wight, showcasing their variety of accommodations available and the wide range of country living that is on offer on the Tapnell estate…

Have a peek




A weekend at the track – MTB

Spending so much time filming sorts on the water, it was nice to get the opportunity to film something based on land. Here is a little clip from a local MTB enduro race near my home on the Isle of Wight. On the Chevy chase course, riding for six hours straight our local team managed to take 1st place in the team event. Here are some highlights…


The passing of time

Nothing quite preserves the passing of time around us like a time-lapse. Over the years I have been to some crazy places, filmed in some of the most unlikely spots and I try to take a time-lapse from all of them. Although ironically, there isn’t always time. Here are a few such lapses, marking a moment as the hours slip away.



RipSlix, Unique Marketing

My lifestyle as a professional Kiteboarder has opened me up to some amazing places, people and ideas from a young age and my passion has alway been to capture those on camera. Now as I travel, I work along side my sponsors and like minded brands to build a world of unique material including video, photo and editorial (

Using my busy travel schedule of competitions, brand trips and events to capture and create stories that can be tailored to individual brands or products alike… So weather you want to support me and what I do as a Pro Kiteboarder / Freerider, or you want to create a unique world around your brand or product, then RipSlix and BeBeach can help you do it! Working closely with to provide a broad spectrum platform of media types for every situation…

Here is a little sneak peek of a ‘Day in Cape Town’ we filmed at the beginning of 2014!



A long time coming… Freeride Project 2 – A proper kiteboarding movie

So the FreeRide project is a project that we have been working on for a while now. After releasing the first movie at the begging of 2012, it went down so well that after a year out, we decided to come back and try to make number two. After over a year, finally here it is! Tom Court teaming up with fellow pro kiters Sam Light, James Boulding and five time world champ Aaron Hadlow, meeting up during the year at different events and in different countries to film and rider together. After a busy year, we managed to make three major stops with some smaller ones in between, including South Africa, America and Russia.

This is a self filmed, self edited and self produced movie showing our vision of kiteboarding as a sport, how we like to ride and hitting the competitions that we want to support… A no thrills, how it is, proper UK kite movie that shows how we have been rolling for the past few years. To make something original and motivate people to ride rather than getting bogged down in competition…

Sit back. Brew the kettle and enjoy a nice british cup of tea while you watch this 33min Ripslix production… this is kiteboarding!!


Behind the scenes MTB in Fuerte

On my latest video to mix things up I will be going a little different on the intro. Having good friend Adam Holleyman out to Fuerteventura for ten days, we took the time to film a decent mountain bike intro… How does it link to kiteboarding? You will have to watch the video ;)


A RipSlix road trip with GYBE design

It was a weekend like any other, and a brand new T5 adapted GYBE tent arrived ready for testing. I thought that the best and only way to give it a proper outing was to take it for a spin. So, we decided to jump in the van and head to europe for the weekend. We managed to visit six different countries and we did something fun in each one. Using the tent to live in during the mornings and store our gear in at night whilst we slept.

It only took about four/five minuets to rig the tent and was about as hassle free as you could imagine. Easy to use and self explanatory on the rigging process. Once it was set onto the side of the van using the roof track system that comes standard on the VW California it over doubled out usable floor space and kept everything dry and comfy. Over all pretty impressed!!

Check out the road trip video and see for yourself!


Roll the DICE… Mauritius

A few months ago I went out to Mauritius with the guys at North Kiteboarding to take part in the filming and riding for the new DICE episode and product videos. The mission was to spend three weeks on the tropical island and collect as much good action footage as possible and develop a story behind the product and the riders. We where unlucky with the weather, it rained for a week and we didn’t get much wind, however along side GXcube and Coma productions we managed to deliver what was needed. On the last day we scored some epic waves too… Check out the video and the new Kite!!


From Russia with love…

One of the least explore countries for kiteboarding has to be Russia, at least due to its lack of hospitable coast lines it is a massive country that just doest spring to mind when you are planning a kiteboarding holiday. However, the UK crew headed out the the Rail Masters contest out in Anapa on the Black sea to check out their rail park and see what was going on in the kite scene out there. For another section of the Freeride Project movie thats coming at the end of the year, check out what we got up to with this section teaser. Another Ripslix production alongside steez with his new Sony FS700… What an amazing and unique place to ride!!


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