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Wanderlust – A trip of a lifetime

Its not often, even in my line of work, that you get to go on a trip that is so out there and different that it totally blows all expectations out of the water. Well, after receiving an invite to go and check out the remote private island of Wakatobi in Indonesia for the possibility of developing some Kiteboarding camps out there, I really didn’t know what to expect. Hopping on a plane in the UK with Sophie Mathews, we hot footed it out to Bali to catch a few waves before leaving from Kuta on a charter plane to the Suluwasi region of inner Indonesia. Only really known at the moment for its world class diving and untouched reefs, it was our job to see if Kitesurfing had a place in this natural paradise. This is the clip that I through together that sums up the trip pretty well!


The future of sailing?

Its always interesting being involved in something new, kites have always pushed the boundaries of what is possible on the water and to a large extend they have broken all expectation over the last fifteen years. Now there is a new era dawning on us and that is the era that crosses over with the sailing industry. Boats have been powered by sail for as long as anyone can remember but over the past few moths we have been filming with Kite Tender, they are looking to take the sailing world by storm and introduce and new, two man, high performance sailing dingy to the market. This time powered by kites! No mast, no rigging, minimum clutter and a top speed of 25 knots… Could this be one watch for the future!?



Photo sailing off the Isle of Wight this Cowes week, three Kite Tender’s racing together…

Making an APP

The great thing about being involved in action sports is that there are endless ways to innovate, weather that is inventing new tricks, filming new video concepts or developing tech that enhances peoples experiences. The later is something that takes a bit of time and also some good ideas. Over the past month at North Kiteboarding, they have been developing and APP to compliment your user experience. Something that provides all the latest product info, team updates and tips and tricks that you could possibly need. It has been a really fun process to be involved in! Here is a little clip that I put together to showcase the main features and usability of the all new North Kiteboarding App!

Check out and download the App versions here:

iPhone and iPad:

A year in motion – Onto the next

2014 has been an amazing year, so many things have happened that I didn’t expect and although it has been a quiet December back at my desk in the UK, looking back through some of the clips that we filmed this year has been awesome. Trips that range from the Baltic Sea, Ireland, Cornwall in the UK all the way to Fuerteventura, Tarifa, Galicia, Cape Hatteras, Hood River and Kiting under the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Just putting all these moments into a timeline got me thinking about what video projects I could do in 2015… Other than another #freerideproject movie, well… that will come, however on the way to making the movie I will be endeavouring to put our monthly clips about my progress, what I get up to and the fun, crazy, epic things that happen along the way. This series will be tagged #courtintheact and hopefully deliver something a little different to the norm. Lets wait and see what January brings!

As I write this, I am packing my bags to jump on a plane to Cape Town, with some interesting filming jobs lined up, super strong wind and the Dirty Habits crew ready to roll, it could be an interesting first episode!

Here is my reflection on 2014… Lets make 2015 even better!!


Includes shots from:


Coma Productions

Kite Plus


LOCO Sports – A new era of action sports clips

Whilst I have been back in the UK I have had some really interesting projects. One of them being with a new site that is looking to give back to the action sports community. It is essentially a site that offers financial reward for the best action sports clips, regardless of how they are filmed, who is in them or what sport it is. The site works on a simple user rating system so anyone can win and it relies on the development of a unique and inspired community of like minded action sports junkies. So, if you are a keen shredder, an aspiring film maker or just a weekend warrior then the LOCOsports platform is an opportunity to get noticed and rewarded for your passions…

Here is a little a little clip that we made to communicate the idea behind the site, delivering a $1000 prize every month to the best voted video. However, since this was made the finance has changed to offer 100x more than youtube per vote. So for every vote you get on your clips, your loco account earns 1$… If you do the maths, this could be a platform of the future and give rise to new creativity across every action sport.

So check it out and get uploading your clips!


Time at Home…

People often ask me; ‘where is the best place in the world to go kiteboarding’ and it can be hard to answer, as often what makes a place truly amazing is the ability to do everything. I have spent a lot of time in the past years traveling to find the best places to ride around the world. Weather I have been competing or traveling to film, it has kept me away from my home spots and I have never had the opportunity to put together a video from the UK except the kitetender edit…here). I have now been collecting clips from home for a few months and have just put together a small pre-view of what is to come from the the Isle of Wight.

For too long the island has been know as a retirment Island, a place that is empty and with not much to do in the off-season. However, when the Island starts to empty of the summer tourists, that is when the place that I know and love truly comes to life! Check out this edit to see what I have been up to for the past weeks…


Island companies that support me:

WightLink – Ferries

West Bay – Health club (winter fitness)





A Project with PicoPix – Philips

A few months back I had a Skype meeting with the guys at Sagemcom, it was one of the phone calls that you don’t believe your having until you have hung up. Talking to the guys behind the new Philips PicoPix projectors about how they would like to use Kiteboarding as the basis for a PicoPix video. Asking me over the crackle of the line weather I could make this happen. Well, naturally I said yes! So, with a vague idea of what they might want, I planned a trip out to Fuerteventura in the Canary islands alongside Sophie Mathews from so that we could construct a campaign around the PicoPix product and give it a thorough testing.

One thing is to be part of a Campaign like this and another is to be left to your own discretion and have full influence on the production. Quite daunting I have to say, however if there is one thing that annoys me, it would be when large brands enter a small industry like Kiteboarding and try to make it their own. This was completely the opposite. To ensure that PicoPix would have a legitimate association with the sport at a Core level, they set a loose brief, open to interpretation and able to be alined with what happens day to day on a Kite trip. This is an example of a large, sensitive brand that is genuinely creating products that they believe in that work in every day situations!

Check out the picopix site for more information on these tiny pocket projectors that allow you to share your experiences at the touch of a button!



North Kiteboarding, ION, Snugs Headphones, GoPro, Gybe Design, WightLink

The Confines of a Camera…

So recently the Xtreme network have done a mashup of my video’s over the past year for their youtube channel. It is strange when someone else takes your footage and then puts their cut into it and adds their ideas. Its almost like seeing the footage for the first time and although they have taken a lot of the female scenes out of context, it is awesome to see the good times that have passed and what has gone into all of the video productions on my Youtube channel. For me, making videos has always been something that I have done because I love it, things that happen around me can be turned into stories and scenes can be created to fit the screen. This is something that I can’t help doing in my head but the confines of a camera allow it to come to life. Seeing ideas come to life will be what keeps me shooting video long into the future!

Here is a collection of shots from my kiteboarding, lifestyle, comedy and instructional video’s that I have put out over the past year (Mash-up by Xtreme Network)… Check out my youtube channel and subscribe!

On another Tack…

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Peter Renssen from Holland. We had spoken about sailing and his idea to create a commercial kite boat that could bridge the gap between then Kiteboarding industry and the Sailing world. A product that would open doors to the realisation that kite power could be the future of sailing. So, after our short chat, he booked a family trip to my home spot on the Isle of Wight and we set about to putting the Kite Tender through its paces!

This is what we got up to:


Triple-S 2014 and Kiteboarding contests

I am traveling for more and more varied reasons these days, only a few years ago it seems, I was seriously focused on competition and the PKRA world tour, however since completing my last full world tour campaign in 2010 I have been focused on different things. Competition is still at the core of what I do as a kiter, however the time to make it to these events has been getting harder and harder to find. Here is a clip from some behind the scenes action leading up to the Triple-S invitational event out in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina in the USA. Placing 3rd at this contest along with Aaron Hadlow and Sam Light in the Kicker event was definitely a highlight of my year!!


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