Each year the Kiteboarding scene heads to Cape Town in South Africa to take advantage of the steady cape doctor, soothing those european winter ailments. Cape Town is not just an incredible destination for Kitesurfing but it offers so much travel, lifestyle and scenery that makes it one of the best destinations there is!

The City is a constant source of inspiration for filming, riding and the lifestyle that it allows so many people to access throughout the season!

Making a Movie.

With an increasing demand for online video productions there is less and less effort being put into making full movie productions. The typical length for a youtube video is between 1 and four minutes as with decreasing attention spans this seems to be the most effective content. However, I grew up watching movie, downloading feature length films to play over and over again, to learn and emulate. These movies are what inspired me to get creative and start Ripslix as I know it today. 

Compiled from all the content that I shot throughout 2015 this is the third instalment of the #freerideproject kiteboarding movie series. With an adapted first person narrative focusing on the travel elements and high end action shoots, we constructed the story. The question is: do feature length films still have a place in the ever growing online pool of content!??

Check: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnkXOJiZ9KuOT-9WQuX4d-beWjg3x1sNr

Rolling in Paradise.

There are many ways to market products, however the best and most natural way is to show them at their best in a perfect situation. Exposing the dream behind the product and the use for which it is used in an ideal situation. I was lucky enough to head out to the Grenadines with a close group of friends and team mates to produce this lifestyle video revolving around a boat trip through the Caribbean Islands. Filmed and edited by Castle Productions, Ripslix filmed second camera, drone and story boarded the project... 


 http://caribbeankitecruise.com http://www.kitesurfgrenadines.com

The travel experience. 

In 2015 we produced a series of travel videos that aimed to capture one trip per month all to different countries to kitesurf and share the experience. This was called #courtintheact.

A mixture of first person shots, GoPro travel sequences and high quality video footage from the destinations helped to paint the year as we traveled. This series reached upwards of 230,000 views!

The Sporting Image.

It has become something of a staple that big mainstream brands are starting to use extreme sports and their unique lifestyle to represent their products. Its a great way to capture and engage your client base with unique and interesting advertorial content that the viewer actually enjoys watching. Just like a funny advertising campaign, delivering sports content that portrays the lifestyle of your product is a new way to go about a very old game. Here is a great campaign that we did recently for Renault International for the marketing of their 2016 Kadjar range of cars. Filmed and shot on the Isle of Wight #theactiveisland www.theactiveisland.com