Its not often, even in my line of work, that you get to go on a trip that is so out or the normal and different that it totally blows all expectations out of the water. Well, after receiving an invite to go and check out the remote private island of Wakatobi in Indonesia for the possibility of developing some Kiteboarding camps out there, I really didn't know what to expect. Hopping on a plane in the UK with Sophie Mathews, we hot footed it out to Bali to catch a few waves before leaving from Kuta on a charter plane to the Suluwasi region of inner Indonesia. Only really known at the moment for its world class diving and untouched reefs, it was our job to see if Kitesurfing had a place in this natural paradise. This is the clip that I through together that sums up the trip pretty well!


Check out the edit we made 'Wanderlust' as part of the 2015 #countintheact series building up to the release of the Freeride Project 3 movie at the end of the year.


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