A few months back I had a Skype meeting with the guys at Sagemcom, it was one of the phone calls that you don’t believe your having until you have hung up. Talking to the guys behind the new Philips PicoPix projectors about how they would like to use Kiteboarding as the basis for a PicoPix video. Asking me over the crackle of the line weather I could make this happen. Well, naturally I said yes! So, with a vague idea of what they might want, I planned a trip out to Fuerteventura in the Canary islands alongside Sophie Mathews from BeBeach.com so that we could construct a campaign around the PicoPix product and give it a thorough testing.

One thing is to be part of a Campaign like this and another is to be left to your own discretion and have full influence on the production. Quite daunting I have to say, however if there is one thing that annoys me, it would be when large brands enter a small industry like Kiteboarding and try to make it their own. This was completely the opposite. To ensure that PicoPix would have a legitimate association with the sport at a Core level, they set a loose brief, open to interpretation and able to be alined with what happens day to day on a Kite trip. This is an example of a large, sensitive brand that is genuinely creating products that they believe in that work in every day situations!

Check out the picopix site for more information on these tiny pocket projectors that allow you to share your experiences at the touch of a button!