So recently the Xtreme network have done a mashup of my video’s over the past year for their youtube channel. It is strange when someone else takes your footage and then puts their cut into it and adds their ideas. Its almost like seeing the footage for the first time and although they have taken a lot of the female scenes out of context, it is awesome to see the good times that have passed and what has gone into all of the video productions on my Youtube channel. For me, making videos has always been something that I have done because I love it, things that happen around me can be turned into stories and scenes can be created to fit the screen. This is something that I can’t help doing in my head but the confines of a camera allow it to come to life. Seeing ideas come to life will be what keeps me shooting video long into the future!

Here is a collection of shots from my kiteboardinglifestylecomedy and instructional video’s that I have put out over the past year (Mash-up by Xtreme Network)… Check out my youtube channel and subscribe!