2014 has been an amazing year, so many things have happened that I didn’t expect and although it has been a quiet December back at my desk in the UK, looking back through some of the clips that we filmed this year has been awesome. Trips that range from the Baltic Sea, Ireland, Cornwall in the UK all the way to Fuerteventura, Tarifa, Galicia, Cape Hatteras, Hood River and Kiting under the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Just putting all these moments into a timeline got me thinking about what video projects I could do in 2015… Other than another #freerideproject movie, well… that will come, however on the way to making the movie I will be endeavouring to put our monthly clips about my progress, what I get up to and the fun, crazy, epic things that happen along the way. This series will be tagged #courtintheact and hopefully deliver something a little different to the norm. Lets wait and see what January brings!

As I write this, I am packing my bags to jump on a plane to Cape Town, with some interesting filming jobs lined up, super strong wind and the Dirty Habits crew ready to roll, it could be an interesting first episode!

Here is my reflection on 2014… Lets make 2015 even better!!