Whilst I have been back in the UK I have had some really interesting projects. One of them being with LOCOsports.tv a new site that is looking to give back to the action sports community. It is essentially a site that offers financial reward for the best action sports clips, regardless of how they are filmed, who is in them or what sport it is. The site works on a simple user rating system so anyone can win and it relies on the development of a unique and inspired community of like minded action sports junkies. So, if you are a keen shredder, an aspiring film maker or just a weekend warrior then the LOCOsports platform is an opportunity to get noticed and rewarded for your passions…

Here is a little a little clip that we made to communicate the idea behind the site, delivering a $1000 prize every month to the best voted video. However, since this was made the finance has changed to offer 100x more than youtube per vote. So for every vote you get on your clips, your loco account earns 1$… If you do the maths, this could be a platform of the future and give rise to new creativity across every action sport.

So check it out and get uploading your clips! www.locosports.tv